Recycling cut backs caused ‘chaos’

A RECYCLING centre’s reduced opening hours caused ‘absolute chaos’ amid the recent warm weather, prompting a concerned town councillor to call for the old hours to be reinstated.

Coun Sue Binch visited the Richmond Drive Recycling Centre on Friday to dispose of some carpets and was horrified by the chaotic scenes she encountered.

She said: “It was absolute chaos when I got inside, everyone was trying to unpack their stuff, people couldn’t move it was so busy - I’ve never seen anything like it. It was backed up down to the Highwayman when I first arrived and so I didn’t queue up because I thought I was going to be there for ages - even when I tried back two ours later it was still extremely busy.”

The centre’s opening hours were recently cut back to just four days a week as part of Lincolnshire County Council’s measures to save £1.215million in the current financial year.

The council was able to prevent any site closures through a ‘successful retendering process’ but opening hours were cut back throughout he county’s 13 recycling centres including Skegness.

Although Coun Binch appreciates the need for councils to cut-back on spending in these austere times, she fears the town cannot cope in peak season with just four days a week.

“In the winter I can understand them reducing the hours but during the summer with all of he holidaymakers I think it needs to be open for longer.”

She intends to raise the matter at a recent town council meeting in the hope of lobbying he county council to change its decision, which, if it doesn’t, she fears will result in fly-tipping, as dissatisfied residents grow tired of queuing.

Executive member for waste and green issues, Coun Lewis Strange, said: “I’m visiting the site this week to see first hand just how busy it’s been as people have been making the most of the good weather.

“Although we have reduced opening times and days to help us save £1.215million from our budget, we’ll be looking at this again and taking appropriate action.”

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