RECENT NOSTALGIA: School’s in for parents

Magdalen Primary School in 2007.
Magdalen Primary School in 2007.

Ten years ago this week The Standard featured a programme at Magdalen Primary School, in Wainfleet, in which parents were taking part in literacy lessons with their children.

The lessons, which had been run by the school in 20-week blocks for five years, aimed to give parents an insight into how and what their children learnt.

Teacher Anita Mills said: “It gives parents a chance to brush up on their own skills and use them to help their children in an informed way.

“We have also started doing it with our nursery class and it is going really well.”

The parents of Year One came to the school one morning a week and had lessons with an adult tutor about what the children were learning.

The second part of the morning was spent putting the skills into practice.

The parents were assessed on what they had learnt at the end of the course. The parents and children received a certificate for taking part and the parents got one for their assessments too.