RECENT NOSTALGIA: Guides claim their first county shield

The Guides with their trophy.
The Guides with their trophy.

Skegness Winthorpe Guides won the county shield for the first time at their annual camp in Sudbrooke near Lincoln in 2004, remembers Ben Hardaker.

The girls competed against 11 other teams in an Olympic themed contest involving rafting, sumo wrestling, badminton, martial arts and the art of designing a medal.

The event took place at the South Lindsey Division Camp and they were competing for a trophy that dates back to 1926, in fact it had run out of space for the winners names twice and had to be enlarged yet again!

The group’s guider Helen Wydell said: “I’m very pleased with the result, all the girls on the competition adopted the Olympic team spirit and it was a great weekend.”

The winning team - Kendal Peters, Jessica Lindley and Laura Hamilton are pictured with the trophy.