RECENT NOSTALGIA: Going, going, ‘scone’

Cookery club members with their scones in July 2004.
Cookery club members with their scones in July 2004.

First College in Skegness ran another cookery club on Saturday mornings in 2004 and the first 10-week course for the bronze award finished in July that year, remembers photographer Ben Hardaker.

Aimed at getting youngsters interested in the culinary arts and providing a basis of learning for a career in hospitality later the courses took students through three levels.

On the final day they finished off by making scones and earlier in the course they made such delights as fruit fool, Swiss rolls, soup, hamburgers, spaghetti bolognese and apple and meringue flan.

After the cooking came the cleaning up and then it was time to collect their bronze award certificates but the youngsters showed off their scones first.

Successful course candidates were Chloe Phillips, Roxanne Bellamy, Alice Rutter, Lauren Willoughby, Ellis Hill, Scott Underwood, Andrew Tona, Bryony Marshall, Charlotte Matthews, Tristan Robbins, James Tona, and Luke Norman.