Readers’ views on Blue Badge parking charges and donkeys in the heat

A reader says parking charges for Blue Badge holders in East Lindsey are unfair. ANL-180508-081106001
A reader says parking charges for Blue Badge holders in East Lindsey are unfair. ANL-180508-081106001


Charges are unfair

I am somewhat surprised to discover that East Lindsey District Council charges Blue Badge holders for parking in municipal parking at Skegness.

When did this come about, and why?

It does not appear to me to be very inclusive, nor does it appear to be in the spirit of the Blue Badge scheme.

The sarcastic tone on the Rejection to the Informal Challenge I lodged is also of some concern.

Managing someone who is severely disabled and suffering from multiple sclerosis in a large heavy electric wheelchair is no small effort.

Their safety and well being is what you are focusing on when parking a disabled vehicle, and getting them out of the back safely down the ramp is your main concern.

When you enter a municipal car park, therefore, it is not surprising that you do not read all the small print at the bottom of a parking notice.

You look for the “Blue Badge” sign, because up until now in our experience, that is all you had to do.

I recently did a trip to Coventry after this incident with my wife and parked in a municipal car park with disabled Blue Badge bays – as an inspector was in the car park, I asked if Blue Badge holders had to pay, his answer was an emphatic: “No”.

You also do not pay for the use of a municipal car park in Bourne or Stamford if you are a Blue Badge holder.

Why therefore is East Lindsey charging disabled people who have gone through the process of applying for a Blue Badge issued by Lincolnshire County Council?

Is East Lindsey seeking to dissuade disabled people from visiting Skegness?

If so, why, and how is that reconciled with their duty of inclusiveness?

What is the point of applying for a Blue Badge if a District Council such as East Lindsey make up rules that appear to be out of kilter with those encountered elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

I am of the view that County and District Councillors, as well as the press, need to start asking some questions of East Lindsey District Council.

How many other Blue Badge holders visiting Skegness have been fined by East Lindsey Council?

Why is East Lindsey District Council seeking to profit off the disabled?

How does East Lindsey Council justify a policy of imposing additional costs on the disabled?

I will pay the fine, but as a former County Councillor, I feel this issue is one that needs to be pursued in the interests of the community.

East Lindsey’s abuse of the Blue Badge scheme to my mind is inequitable and discriminatory.

Life is challenging enough if you are disabled, you do not need to be subjected to unnecessary additional burdens.

Mark P. M. Horn

by email

EDITOR’S NOTE: We spoke to ELDC and received this comment. Building and Property Service Manager, Duncan Hollingworth, said: “East Lindsey District Council have charged Blue Badge holders to park in our car parks for a number of years. Blue Badge holders are allowed to stay for twice the amount of time they pay for when parked in a disabled bay. This information is available on signage within our car parks and on our website. A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued to anybody who contravenes the parking rules.”


Who knows Rosemary?

My name is Rosemary Brown (nee Addey) and I attended Skegness Grammar School from 1968 – 1975.

As it will be 50 years in September since starting at the Grammar School, I am arranging a reunion for the year group who attended the school for all or part of the period from 1968 – 1975.

Everyone will now be in their early 60s, most being 61 by 31st August 2018 although those who transferred to the school after the 12+ exam or who came after taking their CSE exams at a secondary modern school will be a year older.

So far, we have come up with 102 names of people that were in this cohort and have contacted many. However, there are about 30 people whose whereabouts are unknown and I am appealing through your newspaper for anyone who may have been at the school at his time to get in touch.

The reunion is planned for September 8th in Skegness and we would love to see as many people as possible there. Please contact or phone 07984121399.

Rosemary Brown


It is too hot for rides

I contacted East Lindsey council and Skegness council to complain about donkeys and horses being used on the beach and roads in the temperatures we are having.

Skegness council said it was East Lindsey’s remit to deal with this .East Lindsey said they had checked and thought it was ok but didn’t say when they had checked and it was down to the owners to look after the welfare of these animals. So who is going to look after these poor animals having to toil in this heat? Does no one in Skegness care?

I am disgusted at the attitude both councils have regarding this and it seems all they are bothered about is not rocking the boat.

Mr T Grass

by email