Rare white swallow bird spotted in Boston

Ian Ellis' photo of the white swallow.
Ian Ellis' photo of the white swallow.

A super-rare white swallow has been spotted amid a flock of about 5,000 regular-coloured birds in the Boston area.

Standard reader Ian Ellis took the photo yesterday which shows the bird next to a sand martin and a regular swallow.

Incredibly, he managed to take the snap from 150 yards away using just a humble compact camera aimed through a telescope.

“It was a truly amazing sight,” said Ian. 67, who spotted the bird at the the point where the River Haven joins the River Welland at the estuary.

“There were literally thousands of swallows there - all getting ready to migrate to Africa.”

“As far I as understand it, this is not an albino as it doesn’t have pink eyes,” he added. “I think they call it leucistic when a creature is all white but with dark eyes.”

The bird-spotter says he has been visiting nearby RSPB Frampton Marsh every day for a number of years and seen a variety of unusual birds - but had never seen a white swallow before.

Standard readers may remember Mr Ellis had another unusual animal encounter back in July when he helped in the rescue of a seal surrounded by a herd of cows at Frampton Marsh.

Thanks to Mr Ellis’ efforts and that of Natureland Seal Sactuary, in Skegness, the seal will soon be released back into the wild.