‘Racist’ remarks on unofficial fan page

AN unofficial fan page on a social networking site has come under fire after an image of a “racist” nature was posted on it.

The site, called Caravan Kingfisher Park Ingoldmells, published the image on Monday, October 3, at 7.12pm on Facebook where 40 people had liked it and eight people had commented on it.

Facebook fans had posted: “Love it big time !!!!!” and “New profile pic if I Eva seen 1.” Two more people also liked the latter’s status.

Other fans said it was either brilliant or they loved it.

A holidaymaker, who wished to remain anonymous, alerted the Standard to the ‘appalling’ image and other ‘distasteful’ pictures on the site.

He said: “I was absolutely disgusted when I saw this picture as it promotes race hatred and it should be taken down immediately.”

The Standard contacted Kingfisher Caravan Park, which belongs to East Lindsey District Council, to find out about the fan page which has 2,279 friends.

Alan Crosland, Admin Officer, said: “This is a bogus site and is completely unofficial.

“Kingfisher Caravan Park would never have a Facebook fan page and never has.

“This page has nothing to do with us and we will be looking to get it shut down.”

The caravan site is owned and run by ELDC and caravan owners are free to privately let out their properties as they wish.

Alan added: “The police visited us about this website but it was about people [allegedly] being scammed out of money. This will join part of this investigation about the fan page.”

The police are treating this as a separate ongoing enquiry in relation to any possible fraudulent activity.

ELDC urged social networking users and holidaymakers to be vigilant when hiring out caravans.

A spokesperson said: “Kingfisher doesn’t have an official Facebook page and people need to be cautious when using social media.

“This is an unofficial page and the information contained could be inaccurate and pose risks to users.”

A police spokesperson said: “Although posting comments on Facebook that incite racial hatred etc is a criminal offence, in this particular case, the photo doesn’t break any laws. It will therefore be down to Facebook to deal with if the photos are inappropriate or cause offence.”

Caravan Kingfisher Park Ingoldmells have since taken the picture down after being contacted by the Standard.