Pupils look to sky for balloon release

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Heads turned towards the sky and a crowd of children watched fascinated as dozens of blue balloons gently drifted away high above them.

Amid perfect sunny weather the helium filled balloons were released from the playing field at St Peter’s and St Paul’s Primary School, Burgh le Marsh.

More than 150 balloons were quickly carried away on the breeze after excited pupils counted down to the release. The balloon launch took place on Thursday to mark the kick off of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

It was one of several World Cup themed events and activities taking place at the school throughout the tournament.

Children’s names were written on cards attached to the balloons that can be posted to the school by people finding them.

A prize will be given to the pupil whose balloon travels the furthest and person returning the card.

Head teacher Sarah Smith said: “Each class is following a different World Cup group. Pupils are researching the key players and countries involved.

“They have taken part in presentations, made carnival masks and attended a Brazilian samba drumming workshop.

“I think it is important that we are also using the World Cup to emphasise the importance of sporting principles and fair play.”

It is the third balloon release to take place at the school, with previous events held to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and raise money for the Foundation Year play area.

The balloons have gone as far as Belgium and Holland previously and it is hoped that some will travel an even greater distance this time.

The balloon day was organised to fundraise for the school’s Parent, Teacher and Friends Association.

A football shirt signed by England star Frank Lampard was also donated to the school as a raffle prize for the Burgh Bonanza day on July 12.