Pupil-shaped bollards put up at school

Billy and Belinda Bollards
Billy and Belinda Bollards

Schoolchildren-shaped bollards are putting the smile into road safety at Seathorne Primary School.

The three bollards were installed outside the school in Count Alan Road in Winthorpe last week.

The figures are designed to remind drivers they are near a school and slow down.

Believed to be the first of their kind in Lincolnshire, the bollards have been specially painted in the school’s green uniform.

Pupils were already acquainted with the bollards which had been kept at the school for several weeks before being put on the road.

The two Billy bollards and one Belinda bollard (two boys and one girl bollard) were put up to slow down speeding drivers and prevent parking on yellow zig zag lines.

Pupil Izabel Beale, 11, said: “I hope the bollards do make a difference, slow the speeding cars down and help a lot of children to stay safe.

“I think they look really good and a lot of people have come out to see what is happening.”

The purchase was made possible with a £1,000 award by former Winthorpe member for East Lindsey District Council Steve O’ Dare from the Councillor Community Grants fund.

The bollards are made by West Yorkshire company Mars halls. They were installed free of charge by Horncastle based Everton Construction Services.

Headteacher Mandy Cherry said: “I hope the bollards will eliminate any inconsiderate parking on the area we have allocated for crossing and slow drivers down particularly at times when the children come into school and go home.

“We chose to have them in school colours to remind road users this is a school zone.”

She added: “The children are really excited about the bollards. We have done a lot of positive publicity because they do look very funny, but are there to keep the children safe.”