Pupil helps the troops to brave winter

Len'nee Simpson and Shoebox Appeal volunteer Richard Hutchinson
Len'nee Simpson and Shoebox Appeal volunteer Richard Hutchinson

The armed forces are being helped to keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures of the Falkland Islands this winter with a little help from young Len’nee Simpson.

The 12-year-old has become a familiar sight in Skegness singing his heart out for a variety of deserving causes.

In his latest good turn Len’nee has donated a collection of gloves, hats and socks, sweets and cereals for the Forces Shoebox Appeal.

The items are being sent to the British military garrison on the Falklands by Lesley Fitzakerley, who runs the Skegness based organisation.

Len’nee raised more than £100 busking for the shoebox appeal and also collected £127 selling poppies.

Len’nee said: “I am hoping to be a singer, but really admire the armed forces and like to do what I can to help.”

Lesley, who has a son in the army, said: “I am thrilled, what Len’nee has done, it is absolutely wonderful. He is one of our youngest supporters.”

A pupil at King Edward VI Academy Spilsby, Len’nee recently performed at the school’s Lest We Forget concert, held to support the Royal British Legion.

Len’nee also donated items for the raffle which raised £431.

He previously provided more than 300 tins of soup, bags of clothes, toys, toothbrushes and torches after the school asked pupils to provide items to people living in the Calais refugee camp.

Dad Tony, who saw a notice about the shoebox appeal when walking his dog, said: “We are proud of what Len’nee has done.

“He enjoys helping other people and always says, I have got everything I need and would like to help others to be happy. He loves his singing and if it does some good that is great.”