Pupil from Skegness told ‘try next year’ after spot on Spanish version of ITV’s The Voice

The Richmond School pupil Ayla Diaz Gomez Limon has appeared on the Spanish version of ITV's The Voice. ANL-180226-125345005
The Richmond School pupil Ayla Diaz Gomez Limon has appeared on the Spanish version of ITV's The Voice. ANL-180226-125345005

A ten-year-old pupil from a Skegness primary school is being encouraged not to give up on a singing career after appearing on the Spanish version of ITV’s The Voice.

Year Six student Ayla Diaz Gomez Limon has recently performed on LA VOZ in Spain - and although the judges didn’t turn for her one of them said she should return and try again next year..

Ayla lives in Skegness and has two brothers Neizan, 13 and Aidan, four.

Her parents - Maria Gomez and Juan Diaz - work at The Giles Academy in Old Leake, Boston.

Mum Maria said: “Ayla has always loved to sing and last year she asked if she could audition for The Voice Kids!

“Her grandma could not fly due to health problems and was unable to travel to England.

“We decided to apply to the Spanish version of the show due to it being a dream come true for her grandma, to be able to watch her performing on television - she is a massive fan of La VOZ Kids Espana!

“The Richmond School in Skegness have been incredibly supportive during the process.

“We are extremely proud of Ayla for this achievement - she showed a great maturity for her age when the judges didn’t turn.”

“When singing she had a rocky start but picked herself up and finished the song gracefully and with a big smile!

“She is a very loving, caring and sensitive young lady who has always got a smile on her face.

“She thinks of others first and loves seeing people happy.”

Ayla decided to sing, “Secret love song,” by Little Mix - one of her favourite bands.

She said: “I have really enjoyed the experience and am extremely grateful for the opportunity, that was given to me. “I will never forget the amazing time I had competing in La VOZ in Spain!”

The judges were:

Rosario Flores, the daughter of Spanish singing legend Lola Flores; Melendi, singer/songwriter who has sold 3,500,000 discs in his career; and Antonio Orozco, singer/songwriter.

It was Rosario Flores who stated she had an extremely strong singing voice and she needed to return to compete next year. The other two judges stated that the song is extremely difficult and that she was very brave to sing that for the competition.

When asked, Ayla told the judges that she lived in England, but her family were Spanish.

Her Year 6 class teacher Diane Leetham commented: ”We hear Ayla singing most days around the school. She is a pleasure to teach and is an extremely kind and thoughtful young lady.”

Headteacher Mrs Caroline Wellsted said: “As a school we are very proud of Ayla’s progress in the competition. I wish her every success if she chooses to enter next year.”