Promoting resort further afield


A team has been busy spreading the word about what Skegness has to offer.

Representatives from the Skegness Partnership and Chamber of Commerce along with the mayor, Skegness’ mascot the Jolly Fisherman and town manager Lisa Collins handed out more than 6,000 leaflets and hundreds of goodie bags in Scunthorpe to promote the seaside town and businesses in East Lindsey.

Town Manager Lisa said the Jolly Fisherman proved very popular with lots of people having heard about the new aquarium coming to town and planning trips to Skegness during the summer season.

She said: “Having face to face contact is extremely important. It allows us to actively promote Skegness, talk knowledgeably about what we offer and seek feedback.

“I gathered lots of data and quotes from the visit and will be able to use these for future events as evidence in funding applications.

“One mum said she had never considered Skegness before, but when we were able to talk directly to her about the wider offer of the town she is going to come over the Easter holiday.

“Most people, when asked what they like the most about Skegness, said the beach and clean air, the friendliness of the people, lots to do for all ages, illuminations, the fair, nice guest houses for a weekend stay, Natureland, open spaces to walk or sit and enjoy the sunshine. Even the shops got a mention with many saying they like them because they are different to chain stores found in cities and large towns!”

Further work will include visiting Coventry and Derbyshire to promote the town and over the summer season Jolly will be welcoming visitors arriving to Skegness by train.He will be joined by the Skegness Silver band and town manager to offer a warm and friendly welcome to day trippers and holidaymakers.