‘Prison is working hard to prevent absconders’ - MP

Matt Warman
Matt Warman

The member of parliament for Boston and Skegness has praised the work of staff at North Sea Camp in their work to investigate and prevent absconders from the prison.

Conservative MP Matt Warman visited the open prison in Freiston Shore recently to see the work the facility does and hear about their work to prevent absconding.

He said: “The prison is a highly important part of the constituency. It is a significant employer.

“However, officers have got to ensure things are working as it should.”

He said the rate of absconding had ‘fallen significantly’ over the last three years.

He said: “That said, we can’t get complacent about the problems but should look into the overall context that the numbers are going in the right direction.”

“The staff are doing what they can to prevent it in the first place,” he said.

“That said, we have to make sure that when there are problems they are thoroughly investigated.”

He said it was ‘well-known’ that two-thirds of the inmates were for ‘sexual offences of some sort’ - adding the vast majority were historic offences.

He said: “People need to get the right level of attention that they need to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

“Absconding is a serious offence, and the thing is, once they abscond they are not going back to North Sea Camp.”

Speaking following the result of the Alan Wilmot case he said he had spoken to the staff and they were working to prevent similar cases.

He said: “The arrangements that were in place when that happened have been tightened up since then and we see that in fact this is the most recent case.

“I think, obviously, the staff take this incredibly seriously as they do every aspect of their job.

“Now, if they have the slightest doubts whether someone is right to be in the conditions, they are sent straight back to closed conditions.”