Prince of Nails fund-raising tour

A TERMINALLY ill cancer patient has decided to spend the time he has left raising charity funds by making the most of his unusual talent.

Richard Marshall, 52, otherwise known as the Prince of Nails, has raised more than £200,000 by lying on a bed of nails at various charity events over recent years.

His latest endeavour will see him and his partner Christine Williams cycle to 25 towns in 25 days including Skegness, Chapel St Leonards and Ingoldmells, to perform their intriguing side-show act.

Richard said: “I’ve had three heart attacks and just had a pacemaker fitted and I’ve got an inoperable brain tumour.

“I’m going to spend my time raising funds for charities that are not government funded.

“This time it’s for St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby to help children with life threatening disorders.”

On Friday at 1pm, Richard will appear in his role as the Prince of Wales at The Ship and Atlantic Bar, Skegness.

During his performance, Christine will dress up as Millybear, the former mascot of a local radio station, to dance and jump on Richard as he lies precariously positioned on a bed of nails.

The following day they will head to Ingoldmells and then onto Chapel as they continue their brave fund raising mission around the East Midlands.

Croft Bank Caravan Park, The Vine in Chapel and the Cherry Tree in Ingoldmells, have kindly offered free accommodation to the inspirational double act during their visit

Richard first had the role of the Prince of Nails thrust upon him when TV cameras arrived at his house expecting his uncle, Leo Wilson, to perform live for Children in Need.

Sadly Leo had died a short time before the show was due to air and so Richard stepped up to the mantel and has been performing the role ever since.

Richard is looking for other worthy causes to help out with his charity fund rasier. If you would like enlist his help email or call 07543 673241.