‘Precise’ and ‘professional’ Sweeney Todd performance

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Skegness Musical Theatre Company served up a masterpiece when they staged Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd at the Embassy Theatre last week.

Set in 19th century London this is a challenging show in terms of staging, acting and singing. But the company rose to the challenge to deliver a very professional production.

They were blessed with some wonderful singers who mastered the difficult score.

Trevor Fenton excelled as the villainous barber who is seeking revenge against Judge Turpin for his fifteen years in a penal colony for a crime he did not commit.

Carl Lawrence played the swaggering and pompous Judge to perfection.

Natasha Connor captured perfectly the role of Mrs Lovett, the conniving pie maker who helps the barber dispose of his hapless victims.

The love interest was provided by Rob Callaby as Anthony and Deborah Atkinson as Johanna, her crystal clear voice and his impassioned rendering of Johanna were a delight.

Luke Haywood convinced as Tobias Rag, who discovers the barbers dark secret.

Lucy Freeston brought vulnerability to her role as the Beggar and there were credible performances from Ben Gilbert as the Beadle, Steve Dickons as Jonas Fogg and Andrew Clark as rival barber Pirelli who challenges Sweeney to a contest to see who can shave the fastest,

The wielding of cut throat razors was brilliantly executed.

The split level set with its staircase, upper and lower rooms and trap door to dispose of the bodies was very impressive.

Sound and visual effects were excellent, the red in the programme and in much of the lighting cleverly representing the shedding of blood.

Thanks to Director Andrea Hall, Musical Director Peter Coughtrey-Wellstead the Orchestra and Pianist Jane Turner this musical thriller was certainly a thrilling production performed with knife edged precision.

Review Eileen Chantry