Pranksters target Remembrance Parade in Skegness

Mayor of Skegness Coun Danny Brookes by the War Memorial at St Matthew's Church in Skegness. ANL-170711-094508001

Halloween pranksters have stolen vital road closure signs placed around Skegness ahead of this weekend’s Remembrance Parade.

Nine signs went missing under cover of darkness last Wednesday night - with four found “chucked in hedges” around the town.

The shocking crime that has targeted Skegness Town Council’s “most important civic event of the year” to honour war dead who lived in the area and those who continue to serve in the armed forces, was revealed at last Wednesday’s full council meeting. Mayor Coun Danny Brookes said: “Four have been found chucked in hedges but nine are still missing. We expect it was a Halloween prank, but why would people do that?

“It shows a total lack of respect for our armed services - for what people did for us and what they are still doing for us.”

A search for the signs was made by Empreo Security Facilities Management, who put them out and have helped towards financing this year’s parade expenses.

Commenting on the missing signs, an Empreo spokesman said: “It’s just disheartening to see people have chosen to act in this disrespectful manner.”

Coun Brookes is appealing to anyone who knows about the whereabouts of any of the signs to contact Skegness Town Council on 01754 766113.

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