UKIP uphold Burgh and Wainfleet councillor’s expulsion from party

Chris Pain.
Chris Pain.
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UKIP has today upheld the expulsion of Burgh and Wainfleet councillor Chris Pain from the party.

A disciplinary panel met with the former Lincolnshire leader in London today and confirmed national chairman Steve Crowther’s previous decision to remove him from the party.

Coun Pain has previously claimed the reasons for the disciplinary hearing stemmed from a disagreement between himself and Mr Crowther, however a party spokesman has today refuted that version of events.

The party has also denied that the allegations Coun had made racist Facebook posts had brought about today’s hearing, though it refuses to say what the true reasons are.

“It’s nothing to do with his disagreement with Mr Crowther,” the spokesman said,

“There’s no doubt that the whole series of things that have gone on over the past six months cannot have endeared him to the party but they are not the reason either.

“He has made the atmosphere really difficult but there’s a specific thing that he did that was in clear breach of our own rules and that was the reason.”

Coun Pain has denied any allegations of racism, claiming his account had been hacked.

Following his suspension from the party last week, Coun Pain formed a breakaway party with five other councillors called Lincolnshire UKIP.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke, who remained with the official party, suggested those councillors may return to the fold depending on today’s outcome.

Coun Pain can appeal today’s decision.