UKIP father and son double act take both Skegness wards from the Conservatives

Robin Hunter-Clarke who, along with his father Dean, has taken both the Skegness county council seats from the Conservatives.
Robin Hunter-Clarke who, along with his father Dean, has taken both the Skegness county council seats from the Conservatives.

A father and son political double act last night took UKIP to victory in both of Skegness’s previously Conservative controlled wards.

Robin Hunter-Clarke took the town’s South ward after 14 years of Ken Milner’s leadership, while his father Dean has replaced Mark Smith in the North.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke, who became the youngest ever Skegness town councillor two years ago, is rumoured to have broken the same record at Lincolnshire County Council following yesterday’s local election.

He is ‘delighted’ to have taken victory along with his father and says they are both looking forward to their new role.

“It’s going to be a great team, father and son, and we are both looking forward to actually doing something for the people of Skegness,” he said.

“I’m hoping to take what I’ve done with the town council in representing young people and taking that on to the county council.

“I’m delighted with the result and grateful that the people of Skegness have put their trust in me.”

Ken Milner, who still represents the ward at town and district level, was saddened by the defeat and concerned about the future of the ward, which he led for more than a decade.

“I’m disappointed with the people of Skegness for voting the way they have - I just hope this candidate works as hard as I have over the past 14 years, because he’s going to have his work cut out,” he said.

Dean Hunter-Clarke was not present at the count, though Robin felt his views on the victory would have been very much along the same lines.

His Conservative predecessor Mark Smith congratulated his victor in his absence though he believes the votes had been cast on national issues, which he fears will have a detrimental effect on the town.

“My worry is the county, district and town councils are likely to become incredibly disjointed so it’s going to be very difficult to operate an effective working relationship,” he said.

“It’s going to be disastrous for Skegness in terms of development over the next four years.”

The Skegness and Wainfleet Labour Party branch chairman Brenda Futers, who came second in the vote, also fears the electorate have become clouded by national issues, which will have little relevance to the work of the county council.

“I’m disappointed, not for myself, or for Mark, but for the town,” she said.


Skegness North

1: Dean Hunter-Clarke, UKIP, (843).

2: Brenda Futers, Labour, (632).

3: Mark Smith, Conservative (561).

Turnout: 29 per cent.

Skegness South

1: Robin Hunter-Clarke, UKIP, (633).

2: Ken Milner, Conservative, (583).

3: Danny Brookes, Labour, (483).

4: Robert Ashton, BNP, (77).

Turnout: 28 per cent.