UKIP councillor for Burgh and Wainfleet defends name against ‘racist rant’ allegations

Coun Chris Pain has protested his innocence over the alleged 'racist rant' on Facebook.
Coun Chris Pain has protested his innocence over the alleged 'racist rant' on Facebook.

The UKIP councillor accused of making racist Facebook comments has protested his innocence, claiming the account was hacked in a ‘concerted’ and ‘malicious’ attempt to discredit him and his party.

Chris Pain, the newly elected county councillor for Burgh and Wainfleet, was reported by the Sunday Mirror to have labelled ‘illegal immigrants’ as ‘bomb-making, ragheads’ in a ‘racist rant’ last November.

However, Coun Pain, who is also the party’s East Midlands chairman and Lincolnshire group leader, has strenuously denied making the comments and says he will do ‘whatever it takes’ to clear his name.

“This is definitely a malicious attack on me and on UKIP,” he said.

“I will be looking closely at everything to clear my name.”

Coun Pain says his email account has been hacked four times in recent history and at one time had been sending ‘thousands’ of fake messages.

He believes his Facebook account was also hacked when someone posing as a friend sent him what looked like an attachment but transpired to be a device to take control of his computer.

Previously, Coun Pain says he has just deleted the hacker’s comments, however he was unaware of those highlighted in the Sunday Mirror until the paper’s reporter contacted him.

The UKIP parliamentary hopeful has also defended the comments he made online about foreign doctors which were referenced in the newspaper.

When posting a story about a Hungarian medic’s bodged operation on a four-year-old boy in Manchester, he wrote: “We don’t want them taking all the jobs in the local community and we certainly don’t want them working in our hospitals!”

Coun Pain explained this was the view of his friends in the medical profession who he says are fearful of the dangers posed by doctors working in the UK without proper language skills.

“I’ve got no problem with people from any other country working as a doctor so long as they can speak proper English,” he said.

Having claimed that many of his friends of all ‘races and creeds’ Coun Pain says he is most upset about their views of him being tarnished.

“When you’ve got friends that are coloured it makes it even worse,” he said.

A spokesperson for UKIP confirmed the allegations were being taken ‘very seriously’ and if confirmed would result in Coun Pain’s ejection from the party though they stressed he was ‘innocent until proven guilty’.