UKIP candidate’s NHS vow after Nigel Farage’s £3 billion promise

Robin Hunter-Clarke
Robin Hunter-Clarke

UKIP’s election candidate for Boston and Skegness vowed he is committed to a free NHS - and said the Pilgrim Hospital will benefit from his party’s pledge for extra funding.

Robin Hunter-Clarke spoke out about his views on health after leader Nigel Farage announced his party wants to spend an extra £3 billion a year on the NHS.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, the leader said the cash would be funded by withdrawing from the EU and he also pledged that any migrants or tourists should be required to have health insurance as a condition of entry into the UK.

UKIP also says it wants to cut middle management in the NHS with more detail set to be laid out in a forthcoming speech by Nigel Farage.

Mr Hunter-Clarke said: “I welcome this policy announcement totally. We have suffered attacks recently from the Tories and Labour parties where they have made all sorts of lies up about our health policy.

“I want to announce now to the people of Boston & Skegness - UKIP and I are completely committed to a free NHS.

“As long as I have breath in my body I shall continue to stand up for it - it saved my life once.

“If I’m elected as your MP, I want to work to make it better, there are quite clearly efficiencies to be made. This announced policy will be so beneficial to Pilgrim Hospital where more money will be put into frontline care. I also welcome maintaining our NHS as the National Health Service, and not the International Health Service, which is totally unaffordable and crippling our nation.”

The comments from UKIP form an attempt to address critics of the party, who argue that it wants to cut the NHS and introduce a US-style insurance-based system where people pay for treatments.

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