Town plan progress - slower than hoped

A community led town plan to help regenerate Skegness and direct its future is progressing slower than hoped, councillors have revealed.

Coun Steve Kirk admitted the project was not going as ‘good as councillors would have expected’ at last Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting.

His comments followed a local resident’s query about the plan’s progression after she learnt of its successful implementation in villages such as Burgh le Marsh, Chapel St Leonards and Orby.

She said: “What progress has been done to produce a community led town plan in Skegness for regeneration and bringing new progress to Skegness because at the end of the day a town without a plan has no vision or future - so if we haven’t got one could I please ask when it’s likely to happen?”

Despite the delays, Coun Kirk explained the plan would be discussed at the next full council agenda on Wednesday, January 9.

The Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson stressed the importance of creating a plan, saying: “We must put the plan together to know the needs so what the community wants so that we can move forward.”