Tories praise jobs boost


The Government’s boost to employment has been applauded by the Skegness group of the Conservative Policy Forum.

The latest jobs figures showed employment in the UK at an all-time high, with 30.4 million jobs. Unemployment has fallen for 12 months in a row and now stands at 6.9 per cent, with a 77,000 fall in the number of jobless in the three months to February.

In a bid to further improve figures, the group is calling for additional cuts in the taxes on business.

It says there should be more tax incentives for businesses taking on staff, including a National Insurance ‘holiday’ for all new employees.

The group supports the government’s raising of income tax thresholds and the announced increase in the National Minimum Wage.

It also backs its welfare reforms with the emphasis on ‘making work pay’.The group suggests a reinstatement of the Careers Service to give greater expertise to pupils than teachers can be expected to provide.