‘The wheels of democracy turn too slowly’ - town council

THE wheels of democracy turn too slowly, political systems don’t work and three tier models of local government only make it worse.

These honest yet disheartening explanations were offered in response to public concerns raised at Skegness’s Annual Town Meeting, which councillors struggled to resolve conclusively because they related to two or more different local authorities.

Speaking at the town hall last Wednesday former Mayor of Skegness Coun Steve Kirk said: “The problem is we’ve got the county council for one thing, the district council for another and then the town council for something else.

“If we had one authority that dealt with everything, one phone call could sort it all out.”

Dissatisfied with many of the inconclusive responses offered, several members of the public in attendance felt faster and more decisive action was required.

Though sympathetic to the frustrations expressed, councillors could not promise a quicker resolution and instead blamed the system itself.

“The wheels of democracy can be very slow to turn,” explained Coun Mark Smith, whose sentiments were echoed moments later by Coun Kirk.

Despite their resignation, Councillors expressed an ongoing commitment to helping their electorate, suggesting that greater results could be achieved by the public working with council support rather than by the council leading.

“We are just 20, whereas you are far stronger,” explained Coun Kirk.

“I’m a firm believer that sometimes you have to go a bit further and make a nuisance of yourself.

“We saved Church Farm and Fairy Dell and it wasn’t done by councillors, it was done by the public - you might find the 30 of you become 30,000 across the country and then it will change.”