Thaw forecast for councils as meeting looms


A thaw looks on the cards for relations between Skegness Town Council and East Lindsey District Council (ELDC).

At a meeting of the town council on Wednesday, deputy mayor Coun Dick Edginton secured widespread agreement from colleagues when he insisted: “We have an opportunity to establish a good working relationship - we must not squander it. Too often in the past, there has been an undercurrent of tension which has not been productive - it has been negative.”

The parties are due to meet formally for the first time following the local elections in May on September 30.

May’s election saw the town council gain many new members and ELDC a new leader, Coun Craig Leyland.

Coun Leyland told The Standard he had written to all town and parish councils in East Lindsey offering to meet with them and was ‘looking forward’ to visiting Skegness.

He said he felt sometimes there had been misunderstandings between ELDC and other authorities about what the district authority was actually able to do, given constraints imposed upon it from higher levels of government.

He said: “When you can sit down eye ball to eye ball with someone it is helpful. If we are all singing off the same hymn sheet when we go to Government or other bodies our argument increases.”

He said Skegness’ coastal economy was ‘extremely important’ to East Lindsey and Lincolnshire.

It is hoped that the meeting will be open to press and public, though this has not yet been confirmed.