Tax support cuts row

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Government cuts to a scheme supporting low income residents with their council tax payments, will hit Skegness’s seasonal workers hard and should be opposed, town councillors have said.

East Lindsey District Council has been forced to reduce the support it offers benefits claimants with their council tax in order to cover the £1,493,000 funding gap posed by the government’s welfare reform act.

Skegness Town Council agreed at last week’s meeting to urge ELDC to lobby the government to make a special case for its residents, due to the coast’s high levels of seasonally unemployed workers.

The Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson said: “Seasonably unemployed people are going to be hit hard by this.”

Under the proposal, benefit claimants who currently have all their council tax paid for them, would only have 75 per cent of it paid, requiring them to pay the remaining 25 per cent out of job seekers’ allowance.

Pensioners and war pensioners would be the only people unaffected by the changes.

Coun Steve Kirk raised further objections against another of ELDC’s proposals to bridge the funding gap, which would require the owner of vacant properties to pay 150 per cent council tax.