Skegness social media users demand town council’s attention

Facebook users in Skegness have demanded their town council listens to their views.
Facebook users in Skegness have demanded their town council listens to their views.

Social media users in Skegness have ‘put up with their council for long enough’ and demand that it pays attention to their views.

Comments made by the Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson, who last month called on ‘snipers and gripers’ on social media to ‘put up or shut up’ provoked retaliation at Wednesday’s council meeting.

Rob Curtis, an administrator for the Skegness Skegness Facebook group, speaking during the public session, said: “I’m sorry Mr Mayor but the public have put up with the council for long enough and they won’t put up any more.

“They will air their views on our website and I need this council to start listening to their public because if they don’t I will start shouting it from the Clock Tower.”

“This town is like a nest, it needs nurturing and feathering - we need to attract the golden goose that lays the golden egg.”

Coun Anderson last month spoke out against the negative comments expressed by certain quarters on social media, which he feared could jeopardize major projects in the town.

But despite those comments he told Mr Curtis he felt the debate on Skegness Skegness was a good thing, so long as it avoided personal insults.

“I’m a great believer in democracy, without a democracy it is a dictatorship and a lot of my family lost their lives fighting for democracy, but I’m dead against bullying and harassment,” he said.

“People who would rather type and say things on Facebook rather than in front of a person’s face - that to me is bad.

“I really do appreciate social networking but there are some people involved who go around hurting people and causing problems and that, in my view, needs to be stopped.”

Mr Curtis also apologised to any councillor who had ‘come under attack’ on the Skegness Skegness page and asked for his comments to be relayed to their families.

He also commended Coun Anderson for the work he had performed as mayor.