Sandy path issue for blind resident

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A FOOTPATH in Ingoldmells has come under fire from residents who say it is making their lives difficult because of the state of the surface.

Elderly residents Jeanette White, 72, and husband Ian, 61, of Windsor Crescent, say the sand on the path is so bad that it must be cleared immediately.

Jeanette who is blind, regularly used the pathway until it became too sandy and uneven and now says she has lost all her confidence in walking alone in fear of falling down.

Jeanette said: “It must be cleared because I can’t go that way without the help of my husband because it is too uneven.

“My neighbour who is in a wheelchair has also fallen out because of it and she keeps getting punctures which she has to pay for each time which I think is disgusting.”

Unfortunately to add to Jeanettes problems, her current 10-year-old guide dog was made retired due to arthritis in his back and legs.

So now Jeanette must manage with a walking stick until a representative from the Guide Dogs For The Blind visits her on October 18 to assess the situation and arrange if possible, another guide dog.

Jeanette added: “I will be on to my third guide dog when I get a new one.

“I have to trust the dog when I am walking and if the path is uneven it makes it difficult for the dog.

“There isn’t really another route I can go and the only other way which isn’t really an option, was too far for my current guide dog to walk.”

Jeanette says the problem extends from Windsor Crescent to Chapel Road and her and her husband have contacted both Ingoldmells Parish Council and Lincolnshire County Council Highways to sort out the problem.

Mr White says he had spoken to the parish council who said they would look into the matter.

He said: “Something needs to get done about it. It’s shocking and it will be awful if my wife falls down.

“My wife has lost all her confidence and I need to go out with her.”

Ingoldmells Parish Council have looked into the matter and say the path is mostly uneven due to the condition of the Tarmac rather than the sand build-up.

Mike Allen, Ingoldmells Parish Council Clerk, said: “I have spoken to Lincolnshire County Council Highways and they will be visiting the site to do a full investigation to find out if there are any trip hazards that need any temporary repairs made this week.

“The appropriate actions will be taken if there are any health and safety issues.

“The unevenness of the pathway is mostly to the break-up of the Tarmac rather than the build-up of the sand.

“The long term solution to the road’s surface will be the decision of LCC Highways.”