Resident condemns meeting ‘shambles’

A HALTON HOLEGATE resident has branded a meeting to discuss a housing development ‘overlooking’ her home, a ‘shambles’ after no decisions were made.

Planners at East Lindsey District Council met to discuss several properties part of the Stepford Homes’ development which were due to be handed over to New Linx Housing Association last year but planning issues have held the transfer back.

Now the properties will continue to sit empty after planners chose to defer the resubmitted plans at a meeting held Thursday, March 15.

“The planners have deferred for a month which means the properties have been sat empty since last November.

“It’s bad enough that they’ve breached planning permission and they’re overlooking my house but the people can’t move into those homes who are waiting through New Linx,” said Sheryl Rymer, of Station Road, opposite the site.

As reported, a group of residents living next to the site wrote to the planners prior to a site visit they made on Tuesday, March 12 to help point out the issues they had with the development and so that a deeper understanding could be gained regarding the close proximity to the neighbouring properties.

“I think it did help that we wrote to them because to give them credit, they did look at everything we pointed out but we couldn’t ask them any questions and my neighbours who went to the meeting, only had a small slot on the Thursday,” added Sheryl.

The list sent, indicated problems with access behind homes, drainage, irregularities with design, ‘imposing’ fencing, overlooking properties, among other things.

“I mean they won’t knock the properties down will they, so the meeting in my opinion was a bit of shambles because nothing got done due to the planners receiving more information which they hadn’t been made aware of,” said Sheryl.

A spokesperson for ELDC, said: “The application was deferred so that planning officers can look again at the conditions which mitigate the development with particular regard to drainage, screening and obscure glazing.”

As reported, A number of the properties unaffected by the planning issues have been handed over to New Linx and the remaining nine properties will have the resubmitted planning application discussed in a couple of weeks time.