‘No action’ over breach complaint

After a formal complaint was made about a Spilsby councillor when they repeatedly refused to explain or withdraw allegations directed at former colleagues and the council in general, no further action is to be taken, it has been announced.

As reported, Spilsby Town Council decided to take action against Coun Julia Pears in relation to comments she made, which members felt brought the council into disrepute.

Mayor of Spilsby, Coun Michael Lenton commented previously during a town council meeting that Coun Pears had made allegations against individuals and the town council as a whole.

He said: “The first when she alleged two previous chairmen had done wrong in appointing the mayors and the second in the Spilsby Standard when she claimed the town council had discriminated against her.

“She was given three opportunities to explain herself or withdraw the allegations and has refused to do so.”

The allegations underlying this ongoing debate were first made in May when Spilsby Town Council appointed its mayor and vice-chairman.

Coun Pears nominated herself for both positions, expressing her dissatisfaction that she had been overlooked during previous mayoral appointments.

Coun Pears commented that previous mayors Coun Jim Swanson and David Pleming had acted improperly. Coun Lenton, who won the ensuing vote against Coun Pears to be reappointed mayor, felt she should explain her comments.

During the full town council meeting held last Thursday, Mr Lenton explained that Coun Pears has had several opportunities to explain the allegations but has chosen to leave the room and again Coun Pears was not present at the meeting.

But Mayor Lenton read the letter received back from an East Lindsey District Council Monitoring Officer who said Coun Pears was entitled to hold those views but had no right to expect to be mayor and no further action would be taken.

Mayor Coun Lenton said in response to the letter, he was hoping that Coun Pears would be present at the meeting but declared that the matter was closed and the council could move on and he welcomed this outcome.