New model for Skegness town plan

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SKEGNESS residents will be invited to express their aspirations for the resort’s future in formulating a new town plan,

If created, the plan will be a set of guidelines for developing Skegness in line with the community’s wishes.

Previous attempts to establish such a plan several years ago proved unsuccessful, due partially to a lack of community interest.

More successful community plans elsewhere in Lincolnshire have tended to arise from smaller parishes and so taking inspiration from that model the new version will be ward-based rather than focusing on the town as a singular entity.

Focus groups for each of the town’s four council wards will be set up and advised on how to create a new plan by Community Lincs with support from Skegness Town Council.

Speaking at a Direction and Strategy Committee meeting last Tuesday, town clerk Steve Larner said: “Community Lincs’s view, and I support it, was that work was previously targeted over too large an area. Their suggestion is that we revisit this on a ward basis and we would have more success in getting people enthused in town plan issues.

“We would then have the responsibility of bringing it together.”

Councillors at the meeting were generally supportive of the ward-based approach recommended by Community Lincs. They also felt that by allowing Community Lincs to take a more hands on approach they could avoid the problems of this being viewed as a council, rather than a community exercise.

The council’s role will be to support the process and bring together a final plan from the four wards, rather than to lead.

Coun Mark Smith was also excited about the prospect of a new plan though he expressed slight concerns that the diversity of the town’s wards may make it difficult to pull their various views together in a coherent overall plan.

Skegness Town Council was provided with a budget of £10,000 for setting up the initial town plan several years ago.

It spent £5,000 from that budget in formulating questionnaires and collating views on which to base the town plan and will therefore need to replenish this budget in order to enable the formulation of this new town plan.