Memorial group set up

Councillors have discussed the setting up of a working group to start the process of a placing a monument commemorating the achievements of a Skegness hero.

The monument is set to be built in Compass Gardens with initial plans on the decision being made by Skegness Town Councillors back in July.

Members of the direction and strategy committee decided that a statue of a compass pointing southwards would best honour the Antarctic explorer Jesse Handsley.

At the full town council meeting, last week, the council discussed who would be part of the working group to start the process. Some issues were raised about a mixed group being selected covering all political parties by Councillor Phil Kemp and Mayor Coun Mark Anderson pointed out that it should be a non-political group. Discussion was also held about the name of the working group and it was resolved that it would be called The Jesse Handsley Memorial Working Group. Mr Handsley was part of Captain Scott’s Discovery expedition and has two Antarctic landmarks named after him. But he had gone unnoticed by his birth town until a Lincolnshire woman researching him discovered it.