Mayor’s chains to be refurbished

MAYORAL chains of office will be reguilded, engraved and fitted with nine new links after Spilsby town councillors agreed that the work was necessary.

The decision to approve the works, which will come to approximately £1,250, was agreed at a Spilsby Town Council meeting at the Franklin Hall on Thursday.

Initially some councillors expressed their consternation at taking such sums of money from the council reserves during these austere times.

Coun Julia Pears said: “I think we would be completely condemned if we went ahead and spent this amount of money on the chains.

“Unless it is falling apart we should not have it done.”

However, after the Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton offered to forgo his £700 mayoral allowance to cover most of the costs, councillors were more compliant.

It had already been established that some of the work was necessary because the number of links remaining to have former Mayors’ names engraved is running low.

According to tradition, each Mayor of Spilsby has their name engraved on a separate link of the chain.

Currently there are three links remaining but former Mayors Jim Swanson and David Pleming have not yet been added.

They will be asked to pay for the costs of having their names engraved at approximately £6.50 each.

The intricate metal work had also fallen into disrepair and councillors felt it was for the good of the town to have them looking attractive and also that delaying the repairs could be more expensive in the long run.

Coun Peter Grant said: “That chain belongs to the people of Spilsby and there will come a time when it will cost more and more.

“We need to have more links put on it so we might as well refurbish it at the same time,”

The chains will be collected following the next Spilsby Town Council meeting on Thursday, July 28, and should be returned sometime in August.

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