Mayor accuses former town councillor of harassment

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THE Mayor of Skegness has accused a former town councillor of ‘harassment’ for criticising his non-attendance of civic functions.

Speaking in the public session of Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting, John Byford said: “I’ve started to form the opinion that you are not the Mayor.

“There was an important celebration on May 19 and it was expected that representatives from this town council attend so it was a shame that no one came.

“I turned down the chance to be Mayor, because I had family and work commitments - if you want to be Mayor you’ve go to give it 110 per cent because you’ve got to give it your heart and soul.”

Coun Anderson defended his non-attendance by explaining he was visiting his sick parents in hospital and accused Mr Byford of ‘harassment’ for raising the issue in a public forum.

The Mayor also felt some of the comments Mr Byford has made about him on facebook were ‘absolutely disgusting’ and asked him to leave, which he refused.

Last year’s Mayor Coun Steve Kirk agreed with Mr Byford’s assessment of the role’s importance but in general terms, rather than as an accusation directed at Coun Anderson.

He explained the challenges of juggling the position with work commitments and expressed his firm belief that anyone incapable of doing so, should not accept the honour.

He said: “If anyone can’t do it, they should step down - I feel that passionate about it.

“I gave my heart and soul to the role, so if you can’t do it, don’t put your name down and don’t accept it, because if you do, it will bring this council into disrepute. I love this town and I won’t see that happen.”