Major housing plans spark Chapel fears

A MAJOR housing development of 120 homes has been proposed for a plot of land at Chapel St Leonards.

The application to build a range of two storey houses off South Road has been formally objected by Chapel St Leonards Parish Council in its capacity as a planning consultee.

The council held a special meeting on Monday to discuss the application at which councillors and members of the public expressed their various concerns with the proposal.

Speaking after the meeting parish clerk Mike Green said: “We are going to object as a consultee on the basis that the infrastructure of the village would not take the development.

“The increased traffic will provide a safety hazard and it will push the village of the edge of its capacity,” he added.

Mr Green went on to explain that many councillors felt that the village was already stretched in terms of its policing and traffic management and that further burdening it with such a considerable amount of additional residents could pose serious problems.

With coastal housing developments raising a great deal of controversy at the moment due to the flood risks identified by the Environment Agency, the developers will also have their work cut out to mitigate against these risks.

One local resident pointed out that existing homeowners already struggled to insure their properties due to the forecasted flood risk, and felt that anyone moving in should be made fully aware of those difficulties,

The Environment Agency has also submitted an extensive consultation document to be considered by East Lindsey District Council when making its decision as the local planning authority.

Along with the majority of the Lincolnshire coastline, Chapel St Leonards falls within a zone identified as being subject to a high risk of flooding based on forecasted rises in sea levels and no alterations to sea defences.

The proposals as it stands does not comply with the Environment Agency’s Flood Risk Assessment policy and so it has objected to the application.

Mr Green has also explained that an application several years ago in a similar location was objected to on the basis of flood risk, which he argued was particularly great due to the properties all being single storey.

This latest application is for two storey buildings which alleviate some of the flooding concerns as residents are not required to sleep directly in the path of an encroaching flood.

The final decision on the application will be made at an ELDC planning meeting, using the recommendations from each of the consultees including the parish council and the Environment Agency.