Library fears

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THE COMMUNITY and employees are still in the dark over the future of Spilsby’s library.

Lincolnshire County Council have been cutting back on services in a bid to save money and Spilsby’s site, in West End Villas, could potentially be moved or shut altogether but nothing has yet been confirmed.

However, concern is circulating the town, as Coun Winston Baugh commented during the last full Spilsby Town Council neeting,that even the employees ‘don’t know what’s happening’.

And Spilsby deputy mayor Coun Peter Grant said he had heard the library could be going to a supermarket.

He said: “It’s going to the Co-op and the staff didn’t know if their jobs were safe.”

Coun Grant posed the question of whether it could mean the old Co-op as that was for sale and people had been seen measuring up.

But Mayor Coun Michael Lenton said there was no need to ‘speculate’ and that the discussion was not evidence as to what may actually happen to the library and its service in the future.

However, earlier in the meeting, the town clerk, Sara Marshall said that the mobile library service had been stopped as it was on a trial to determine its usage.

The council feared that the day it was held could have added to its lack of use as it ran on the same day the main library was open.