HUSTINGS: Reaction from the candidates

General Election 2015 ANL-151004-145625001
General Election 2015 ANL-151004-145625001

Following the BBC hustings at Blackfriars Theatre on Friday night. The Standard, who supported the event, asked all candidates to email their reactions to the night before midday on Bank Holiday Monday. Here’s what those who responded had to say.

PAUL KENNY - LABOUR: I thought last night was very revealing. I had at least four ‘I agree with Pauls’, but from what I heard last night I am very worried that if the present government get re-elected, the vulnerable people of this country are in for an even rougher ride than they have had over the last five years.

I was able to give my commitment to fighting for more nurses and doctors in our local hospital; building more houses and making sure we have the right flood defences for our two towns; looking forward to a new immigration bill with a thousand more border staff, stopping child benefit being sent out the country, deporting more foreign criminals, encouraging people to learn English as a second language, and bringing in a two year limit before people can claim benefits, licencing of HMOs.

I personally believe that if you come to our towns you should register with the local authority so we know how many people live here and can provide adequate services for all.

ROBIN HUNTER-CLARKE - UKIP: The hustings went extremely well and hopefully it has convinced people listening that the only way to get real change in Boston & Skegness is to vote UKIP.

The only party that can and will deliver a referendum on the European Union is UKIP, by getting enough UKIP MPs elected into the House of Commons.

Don’t be conned again by the establishment parties. Everyday they are coming out with yet more false promises, that will all be dropped after the election.

It is so important we win here in Boston & Skegness otherwise nothing will ever change.

I am the true local candidate who is born and bred here, and I promise I will always put the people of this area first.

Win, lose or draw I shall remain here - and remember vote UKIP in this election and you will get a UKIP MP and a UKIP council.

PETER JOHNSON - INDEPENDENT: I believe that the people of Boston and Skegness want a strong representative that lives in the area.

Boston and Skegness has had absentee MP for the past two governments people are generally fed up with it.

Immigration kept getting brought in, this is a symptom not a problem and is being used to muddy the waters. We need to change the way we treat immigrants falling over backwards to help with aid and translators does not encourage integration and the learning of our language and customs.

There was a call on infrastructure and roads - we have the HS2 project its a mistake and only benefit a very small part of the country.

I have proposed an extension to the M11 bringing it up through Norfolk up to the East coast around the wash past Boston, Louth up to join the M180.

This would have a multiple effect of creating a new business development corridor improving the life of the people of the east coast particularly us. Secondly, the over population of the A1 M1 corridor would be relaxed as new business and established business would at long last look at the east coast as some where it made sense to invest.

This would take pressure off hospitals, schools etc along the central corridor and allow us to make good solid arguments for greater investment in ours and see expansion and not contraction.

Health came up but again, all the people taking part were interested in scoring points not setting out goals.

We need to reverse the current theory that large is easier to manage, the NHS has proved that big just means more expensive and the management of NHS Lincs is proving this.

Industry has long since discovered small units with managers who have the responsibility and the ‘buck stops here’ mentality work instead of taking services to Lincon which is failing on every front.

Send those services out to smaller units where they can be micro-managed and made to work making Lincoln smaller and more manageable.

Charge for misuse of A&E and educate from early school on the correct use of A&E and a responsibility to take care of our own health.

Education needs to be geared towards business and what we as a nation need, not what schools think we need. Degrees need to mean something and should only be attainable by the top students - stop turning degrees into useless bits of throw-away paper.

The one thing that did not come across was the need for people to take responsibility for their own lives and actions and this is something the state needs to let go of. Stop wrapping people in cotton wool - kids need to cut there fingers, bump their heads, its how we learn.

Opportunity is there, people need to grasp it and use it to their best advantage - get your children to do homework when deciding what to do with there lives not necessarily what they want to do but look at what is needed and not what is hip and fashionable.

CHRIS PAIN - INDEPENDENCE FROM EUROPE: Democracy has been tarnished as candidates outside of the Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP/Green clique have not had an equal opportunity to presents their policies and ideas to better the area.

Local people do not realise that UKIP will only stop further EU Migration into the UK and will not repatriate any EU Migrants from our area

British people should be offered employment first, then EU Migrants should apply for a work visa if British people can’t be found for the position.

EU migrants would not be entitled to benefits, housing, free NHS, child support etc and would be repatriated if unemployed or they held a criminal record.

In fact no one would be entitled to enter the UK without adequate health insurance or who had a criminal record.

All failed asylum seekers would also be repatriated. No EU Migrant returning home for two months per year would be entitled to claim back their Tax and NI, that they can currently claim back now.

UKIP’s policies are like closing the door after the horse has bolted and will not help the local area at all with its migration issues!

LYN LUXTON - THE PILGRIM PARTY: The Pilgrim Party might be a relatively new party but our ideas and policies will stand the test of time. As many of you know I live here full-time and have devoted the last nine months to working with our community teams in the Food Bank, at the Centenary church feeding the Homeless, with the Police Force and the Allied Services at both our hospitals.

I even completed a Marathon to raise much needed funds for Skegness Hospital Watch and the Boston Pilgrim Stroke Unit.

Much of my time has been spent with our vibrant business community and admiring the work of the Skegness Chamber of Commerce.

I spent time with the local businesses and with David Newton discussing The Quadrant and have taken an active role in finding out what is important to you.

The Pilgrim Party are bold and new and will put you first. We are quickly gaining a National following and will have councillors and MP’s in every county by the next election.

A vote for Lyn Luxton and The Pilgrim Party will ensure someone with National experience will do what’s best for Boston, Skegness and all the villages in between and not for what is best for Westminster.

We are working to take the NHS, Education and our emergency services out of politics. Gaining our National support, not only due to our common sense thinking but because we put your needs before the Party Politics. With our firm but fair approach we are working hard to create and even Greater Britain!

I would be honoured to secure your vote on Thursday. Though whatever happens I am still here, working hard, full time for Boston and Skegness.

Also standing, but who didn’t respond via email following the hustings, are: Matt Warman for the Conservatives, Robert West for the BNP, David Watts for the Liberal Democrats and Victoria Percival for the Greens.