Hedge trimmed after Spilsby cemetery row

The cemetery hedge has been cut back to its best (Photo supplied).
The cemetery hedge has been cut back to its best (Photo supplied).

SWIFT action has been taken to tidy up an overgrown hedge which has caused controversy in Spilsby.

As reported, an old cemetery wall which was deemed to be in a poor state of repair, was eventually demolished after several discussions were had about what do for the best.

A hedgerow was then planted in its place last November. Since then a healthy supply of rain and sunshine has encouraged it to grow beyond all expectation, which raised concerns about its untidy appearance for residents.

The Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton, decided to get out in the sunshine on Wednesday, with a helpful friend, to trim the hedge back to its best.

“The ‘new hedge’ at the cemetery has now been weeded and tidied up, as can be seen from the photograph (right). I’m afraid mother nature played a big part in the excessive growth, but now it’s looking ship-shape,” said Mayor Coun Lenton.

“Our maintenance employee will now be able to keep it strimmed and tidy. We are hoping to remove the wire fencing and posts later this year. The person who raised this issue had a legitimate concern regarding the hedge and I now hope we have eased his concerns for the future,” he added.

Councillors also discussed the future of the shed situated within the cemetery at the full town council meeting on Thursday and said discussions needed to be held on the future of the shed. Mayor Coun Lenton said a meeting would be held in August.