Green Waste Bin charges - how did your councillor vote?

Green bins
Green bins

East Lindsey residents will soon have to pay £25 a year if they want their green waste to be collected from March 2014 after a new charge was narrowly voted through by just one vote.

But how did your representatives on the council vote last night?

Here’s how your councillors voted, with the members local to the Skegness, Spilsby and Alford area in bold:

For (27)

Coun Craig Leyland

Coun Carl Macey - Skegness Winthorpe

Coun Hugo Marfleet

Coun LJ Marfleet

Coun Fiona Martin

Coun Ken Milner - Skegness Scarbrough

Coun Steve Newton

Coun Robert Palmer

Coun Angie Smith - Willoughby/Sloothby

Coun Kevin Smith - Wainfleet/Friskney

Coun Doreen Stephenson

Coun John Upsall - Wainfleet/Friskney

Coun Pauline Watson

Coun Stuart Watson

Coun Roderick Williams - Spilsby

Coun Clive Blacklock

Coun Tony Bridges

Coun Sandra Campbell-Wardman

Coun Neil Cooper - Burgh le Marsh

Coun Pauline Cooper - Croft

Coun Sidney Dennis - Skegness St Clements

Coun Dick Edginton - Skegness Seacroft

Coun William Gray

Coun Adam Grist

Coun Philip Harness

Coun Sandra Harrison

Coun James Hopkins - Hundleby

Against (26)

Coun Phil Kemp - Skegness Scarbrough

Coun Terry Knowles

Coun Phil Leivers - Chapel St Leonards

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders

Coun Ed Mossop

Coun Hazel Newcombe - Chapel St Leonards

Coun Steve Palmer

Coun J Pears

Coun Paul Phillipson

Coun Michael Preen

Coun Paddy Prince

Coun Daniel Simpson

Coun Laura Stephenson

Coun Philip Sturman

Coun Jeremy Webb - Alford

Coun Graham Archer - Ingoldmells

Coun Victoria Ayling - Stickney

Coun Jean Bradley - Alford

Coun Brian Burnett

Coun John Byford - Skegness Seacroft

Coun Graham Cullen

Coun Sarah Dodds

Coun Janet Harrison

Coun Rick Harvey

Coun George Horton

Coun Tony Howard


Couns Steve O’Dare - Skegness Winthorpe, Jim Swanson - Halton Holegate, Anne Veasey, Terry Aldridge, Mark Anderson - Skegness St Clements, Stan Avison