Fifteen new gritters on order and 15,000 tonnes of grit arrive as Lincolnshire prepares for autumn and winter

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LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has announced that 15 new gritters are on order ahead of the winter season and 15,000 tonnes of Egyptian salt has already arrived.

In total 12 new 26-tonne Mercedes Schmidt gritters are set to replace older vehicles at Boston Chainbridge (5), Horncastle (1) and Pode Hole (6) highways depots.

In addition, three new replacement smaller 10 tonne DAF gritters at Manby, Boston Chainbridge and Sturton will help treat pedestrianised areas and narrower urban roads.

Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “Getting ready for the impact of winter weather on the roads takes place all year round in Lincolnshire. We’re more than ready for anything that comes our way.

“This year, we have more salt than we have ever needed before. We’re also making sure our gritters are in tip top condition and replacing some of the older vehicles.

“Remember there are things you can do too. Why not see whether your local parish council has a winter resilience self-help plan in place to help support what we do.

“Perhaps you can volunteer to salt the roads and footpaths where you live to help keep people moving safely? Or you may have access to shovels or a large vehicle to assist with towing if required.”

“Last year our Gritter Twitter was really successful, so we’ll be using it again from mid October to keep people up to speed with important information.”

Just over a third of the county’s roads are salted – including all A and B roads – by 43 gritters, each with its own route, which the council says exceeds government expectations.

Last winter, 21,000 tonnes of salt was used, with gritters taking to the roads 82 times. The latest salt arrival takes the total up to 35,000 tonnes available for this winter. A total of 34,000 tonnes was used during the exceptional winter experienced back in 2009/10.

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