Expelled Burgh and Wainfleet councillor launches scathing attack on UKIP chairman

Chris Pain.
Chris Pain.
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UKIP’s ousted former Lincolnshire leader has launched a scathing attack on the party chairman he believes orchestrated yesterday’s expulsion.

Coun Chris Pain insists the disciplinary hearing’s outcome was part of a ‘plot’ hatched against him, which he will strive to overcome.

“There has been a plot to oust me from the party by any means whatsoever, for some considerable time,” he said,

“It was believed that I was creating a power base and would challenge for the leadership - what a ridiculous idea.”

The Burgh and Wainfleet ward-holder has maintained all along that the disciplinary matters brought against him have stemmed from a personal spat between him and the party chairman Steve Crowther, who has ‘exceeded his powers’ in his attempts to bring him down.

He claims yesterday’s hearing was brought forward to prevent him disclosing ‘embarrassing’ information at the party’s next National Executive Committee meeting in October.

“I do not feel that this is appropriate for a party that embodies democracy, fair play and justice,” he said.

The former leader of the opposition also suggests it was Mr Crowther’s interference that led to UKIP’s county council split and its loss of status to Labour.

“Steve Crowther is relentless is his quest to manipulate any situation that he needs to,” he said.

A UKIP spokesperson yesterday refuted Coun Pain’s suggestion the disciplinary matter was due to a disagreement between him and Mr Crowther, instead attributing it on an undisclosed ‘specific thing that was in clear breach of our own rules’.

Coun Pain has pledged to continue working for his constituents ‘in spite of the turmoil [Steve Crowther] and his paid henchmen have created’.

“The amount of response I have had from members of UKIP is overwhelming and I am proud of what I have done for the party,” he said.

“I shall thank these people for their belief and loyalty during the racialist smear and the current situation.

“People who know me know that I will not walk away from my responsibilities as a man of honesty and integrity.

“I will strive to get justice for the way I have been treated and I will not stop until I can be sure it has been carried out to my satisfaction.”