‘Elvis’ could stand to be town’s MP at General Election

Lord Biro
Lord Biro

A satirist who goes by the name of ‘Lord Biro’ is weighing up a bid to stand as MP for Skegness for the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

David Bishop, 69, made national headlines recently when he beat the Liberal Democrat candidate into fourth place in a Nottingham City Council by-election.

Mr Bishop (right), who dresses as the King of Rock and Roll, now fancies beating the Lib Dems at the 2015 General Election, and could stand in Boston and Skegness.

In 2012 he campaigned to save the Jolly Fisherman statue at Skegness Railway Station and says the support he enjoyed then is one of the things inspiring him to consider standing as MP here.

He also said he has particularly fond memories of visiting the area as a child, with holidays in Ingoldmells.

He told The Standard that while he likes to poke fun at the main political parties, he also wants to promote a number of serious policies and stop turnouts at elections from falling even lower.

He said he would campaign to keep public toilets open, ban air guns, bring back the dog licence, launch an inquiry into vets fees and scrap the High Speed 2 rail line and use the money to save rural bus routes.

He said: “I stand to have a satirical laugh and have a go at the ruling parties. They do do things that get up my nose.

“Because I got somewhere last time I’ve got the chance to have a go at them a bit more.

“I also give people a bit of a laugh

“Sometimes a joke party does say things that the others don’t. I think it’s healthy for democracy. It would be very boring if you only got the main parties.

“People get bored of politicians saying the same things - a lot of them are very similar.

Mr Bishop has previously stood under the Elvis Loves Pets and Militant Elvis Party names.

The campaigner said he is also weighing up standing in Broxtowe in Nottingham or taking on Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in Sheffield.

When asked if he thinks he could repeat his recent success over the Lib Dems here, he said: “I think I might stand a chance - there might be a few Elvis fans in Skegness and Boston.

“I know they have a big rock and roll event in Skegness.”

The Skegness and Boston seat is currently held by 
Conservative Mark Simmonds.