ELECTIONS 2019: Skegness votes for change in parish elections

Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) candidates celebrating their  success in the local elections. ANL-190405-071826001
Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) candidates celebrating their success in the local elections. ANL-190405-071826001

Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) has taken control of Skegness Town Council In a major shake-up that has seen the departure of some high profile local councillors.

In the four wards that were contested, there are now 14 SUDS councillors and six Conservatives.

Just one Labour candidate retained his seat in these wards, Mark Anderson (St Clements).

The results were especially disappointing for Labour’s Maggie Gray, who as Deputy Mayor not only lost her lost her seat for the Woodlands Ward but also her chance to be the next Mayor.

Labour’s Phil Gaskell also lost his seat for the St Clements Ward, along with Gary Ellis (Woodland) and Malcolm Gabbitas (Woodlands)

The Conservatives lose Carl Macey for the Winthorpe Ward but the current Mayor Sid Dennis (St Clements) has retained his seat,

Conservatives Steve Kirk (Woodlands), Dan Kirk (Woodlands) and Dick Edginton (Woodlands) also retained their seats.

There was also success for Susan Blackburn, a Brexiteer who stood for the Conservatives, after winner her seat for St Clements Ward.

Apart from the pink rosettes of SUDS, few candidates stayed into the evening for the final results to be decared, having endured the cold sports hall at the Meridian Centre in Louth where the count was held since the start of verification in the morning.

Labour’s Phil and Judi Gaskell, the party’s secretary who stood in the Winthorpe Ward, admitted they were going for a curry to warm up, but not before paying tribute to the “excellent job” Maggie Gray had done during the year as Deputy Mayor.

SUDS Mark Dannatt now becomes Mayor, becoming the first councillor to take the chain of office without serving as Deputy Mayor.

The full results are:


*Richard Cunnington - Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 71 Elected

Kevin Martin Evans - Labour Party 30

Richard Anthony Tooze - Local Conservatives 43


*Pete Barry, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 497 Elected

*Danny Brookes, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 549 Elected

*Trevor Paul Burnham , Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 428 Elected

Ian Dutton Labour Party 189

* Steven Charles Richard Emsen, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 353 Elected

Ricky Shashikant Gandecha, Local Conservatives 210

Judi Mary Gaskell, Labour Party 235

Carl Stuart Macey, Local Conservatives 331

Julie Day Sadler, Local Conservatives 256

* George Saxon, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 411 Elected

Philip Shooter , Labour Party 177


* Mark Crawford Anderson, Labour Party 244 Elected

* Susan Anita Jane Blackburn. Local Conservatives 342 Elected

* James Anthony Carpenter, Local Conservatives 329 Elected

* Simon Claxton, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 422 Elected

* Mark Vincent Dannatt, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 473 Elected

Andrew James Delaney, Labour Party 187

* Sid Alfred Dennis, Local Conservatives 358 Elected

* Adrian David Findley, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 432 Elected

Phil William Gaskell, Labour Party 189

Mike Wayne Hartley, Labour Party 184


* Billy Brookes, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 609 Elected

* Jimmy William Brookes, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 515 Elected

Neil Douglas Luther Cooper, Local Conservatives 449

* Dick Edginton, Local Conservatives 588 Elected

Gary Owen Ellis, Labour Party 316

Malcolm Francis Gabbitas, Labour Party 271

Maggie Gray, Labour Party 334

* Dan John Kirk, Local Conservatives 466 Elected

* Steve Kirk, Local Conservatives 527 Elected

Tom Noble,Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 426

* Paul Sutton, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 510 Elected

* Tony Tye, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 575 Elected

* Bob Walker, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 513 Elected

Steve Walmsley, Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) 440

Colin Wright, Local Conservatives 382