ELECTION: Your candidates in their own words

Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.

Tomorrow (Thursday) those wanting to be your Member of Parliament will be anxiously waiting to find out how you voted. Here follows a briefing from each candidate.

Each candidate has been given a set wordcount (120 words) and has been sorted alphabetically by party..

Robert West - BNP

Robert West - BNP


I hope to represent Boston and Skegness in Westminster, not only to fight for local issues and make sure that we get our fair share of the cake, but also to address pressing national issues: to make sure that there is a cake worth sharing!

After all we stand or fall as a nation.

Mass immigration anywhere in Britain has a detrimental effect everywhere in Britain.

Matt Warman - Conservative

Matt Warman - Conservative

It needs to be ended; and we need, too, to pull out of the EU Super-State.

Eastern Europe and the Third World all need their skilled, and unskilled workers, more than we do.

Schools also need to be sorted out, management tackled, the teacher put back in charge of the class, and the pupils to work.

That is what they are there for; and it will save money too.

Victoria Percival - Green

Victoria Percival - Green


I want our local health service, our roads, our schools and all our public services to benefit from the nationally growing economy that only a Conservative government will provide.

And I want to make sure we get the referendum on a renegotiated Europe that again only a Conservative government will provide.

I’ve known this area for the best part of two decades: I have seen how it has changed for better and worse. I know the opportunities and the problems we face.

Chris Pain - Independence From Europe

Chris Pain - Independence From Europe

I have the national experience and the local knowledge to make Westminster work for you.

A vote for me at this election will help to make sure that Ed Miliband isn’t prime minister, and that the country isn’t held to ransom by the SNP.

A vote for any other party makes that a much more likely outcome - but above all it risks the bright economic future we are just beginning to see.


I wish to stand for all the people of Boston & Skegness, where I understand that some feel frustrated and angry that successive governments have neglected us.

Temporary low-paid jobs are unhelpful as people then rely on part-time work and benefits, consigning them to a ‘poverty trap’.

Peter Johnson - Independent

Peter Johnson - Independent

I aim to prevent this by working with the Living Wage Campaign to bring the worst off out of poverty.

Less poverty would help make the area more attractive to business.

Housing demand and high rents indicate that more new social housing is needed and I would promote that, and I would work towards bringing communities together not pushing them apart.

I hope people see me as a forward thinking, progressive candidate.


My promise to the people of Boston and Skegness will be to represent you, as I have represented my constituents since I was elected as their county councillor.

If you are fed up of other politicians promising and offering you the earth and not delivering the goods, vote for me as my track record is there to be seen.

My absolute top priorities are dealing with local issues

and doing my utmost to get results.

As your MP I would fight for getting government funding to repair the diabolical roads in Lincolnshire, a Boston Bypass, which would increase investment into the area, address local NHS issues, jobs and training for local people.

Actions and deeds speak louder than words.


I am 55-years-old and I have lived in the Boston area since moving from London in 1996.

As a person, I greatly value the family unit, in whatever form it takes. In London, I was a serving police sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Force. At present I live and run my own business in Benington.

My business is worldwide and having connections with companies abroad I have come to see the benefits of an economic Europe but also the problems that centralised bureaucracy causes.

Don’t waste your vote - make sure it is a vote for common sense and responsibility. Remember your jobs, pensions and investment depends on good commerce, we need Europe however we need to change the European Parliament.


I am standing because I believe you need an MP who lives locally, who doesn’t put their own political party before you and who commits to being your MP as their only job with no other paid interests outside of parliament.

I believe that with my experience of the last 20 years working at local, regional and national levels, I know the right doors and people to take all of our issues to.

I will work as hard for you as I did when I was the Mayor of Boston where I showed that my knowledge and strong commitment to the community can work for all. It is time to vote for experience and wholehearted dedication.

It is time for change. Please support me.


This election offers a real choice between the politics of the extreme and the politics of the centre, between hate and hope.

I’m proud of what the Liberal Democrats have achieved in Government, getting 70% of our manifesto implemented with only 10% of the MPs.

We’ve lowered taxes for ordinary people, put extra money into our schools, improved pensions and created a fairer Britain. I’m looking forward in this campaign to making the case for hope. We don’t need to be scared of the monster of immigration portrayed by UKIP, or of workshy scroungers portrayed by the Tories.

I’m making the case for a friendly, open and inclusive Britain where everyone is valued, whatever their background, job or level of education.


The Pilgrim Party is the firm but fair party.

We believe that the NHS, emergency services and education are too important and should therefore be taken out of politics.

We are fighting for these to be managed by cross party/expert-led groups to prevent them being used as a political football. I love Lincolnshire and I want to put it on the map as far as Westminster is concerned.

It’s high time that those in charge of spending your hard-earned cash worked better for our services and not their party. We need a strong economy, without waste or frills. A Britain where children can work, get free at the point of use healthcare and afford their own home!


UKIP can win in Boston & Skegness. We won the European elections and County elections here.

It is so important to have as many UKIP MP’s as possible in the House of Commons.

It will mean we are able to hold the balance of power in May as it’s clear no party will get a majority.

With your help we can do this, and ensure we get the referendum on the European Union we deserve.

By voting UKIP you also get the guarantee of an MP who is born and bred here - who is promising to be a true constituency MP.

I will not let you down. Give me the chance to put Boston & Skegness back on the map.

It’s time for real change!

○ Voters go to the polls on Thursday, May 1, from 7am-10pm.

A count will then take place on that night and it has been estimated that the Boston and Skegness constituency results will be revealed at 5.30am on Friday.

Paul Kenny - Labour

Paul Kenny - Labour

David Watts - Liberal Democrat

David Watts - Liberal Democrat

Lyn Luxton - Pilgrim Party

Lyn Luxton - Pilgrim Party

Robin Hunter-Clarke - UKIP

Robin Hunter-Clarke - UKIP