Election win for new Chapel councillor

Coun Glyn Ettridge
Coun Glyn Ettridge

A new councillor has been elected to Chapel St Leonards Parish Council following a by-election.

In a two-horse race, Coun Glyn Ettridge polled over 59pc of the votes to secure his seat.

The vacancy arose following the decision of former councillor John Simons to step down. A by-election was triggered when ten registered electors wrote to request an election rather than co-opt a replacement for the remaining nine months of the council’s life.

Council chairman Mel Turton-Leivers said: “We are all delighted to welcome Glyn onto the council. He already has a proven track record, having worked as the council’s voluntary flood warden for some time, and he takes an active interest in the community. I am pleased that he received such a resounding endorsement from the electorate.”

Born in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Coun Ettridge moved to Chapel in 1996 following a successful business career in manufacturing for the healthcare sector, followed by a second career working in international trading standards. He is a member of the charitable organisation, the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, and has just earned that Order’s Man of Worth medallion for work he carried out on its behalf in Malta.

Coun Turton-Leivers added: “Glyn’s business experience will bring another dimension to the council. Coupled with his energy, that will make him a valuable member of a team that is working hard to build a better community.”

“It is the democratic right of the electorate to seek an election, rather than to permit the council to co-opt a replacement member. It takes just 10 registered electors to do so, which is less than half a per cent of the electorate in Chapel St Leonards, and each election costs the council tax payers of East Lindsey about £5,000. The public might well query that with only nine months remaining in the term of the council until the next general election, whether such a cost is justified. However, with such a resounding endorsement for Coun Ettridge by the voters, it removes any possibility of question by the council’s critics as to whether we have got the right man aboard.”