ELDC councillors received £388k in payments in a year

THE 60 councillors on East Lindsey District Council received £388,000 in salaries, allowances and expenses during the last financial year.

According to the draft annual statement of accounts, the figure compares with £390,000 the previous year.

To save money, there have sometimes been calls to trim the number of members at the Manby-based authority.

By contrast, neighbouring North East Lincolnshire Council - a unitary authority which serves a larger population - has just 42 members.

l Meanwhile the top earner at East Lindsey District Council last year was chief executive Nigel Howells.

According to the authority’s draft annual statement of accounts, his total package including salary, pension contribution and expenses amounted to £157,279.

Mr Howells’ remuneration has not been affected by a slight easing in the volume of his responsibilities after ELDC farmed off some of its services to a private company, Compass Point Business Services Ltd. The next highest earner at the Manby-based authority was deputy chief executive Stuart Davy, who earned £108,136.