Doubts expressed over UKIP councillor’s ‘racist rant’ hacking defence

Coun Chris Pain after winning the Burgh and Wainfleet seat at the local county council elections.
Coun Chris Pain after winning the Burgh and Wainfleet seat at the local county council elections.

The freelance journalist investigating ‘racist’ Facebook posts allegedly made by a newly elected UKIP county councillor has expressed doubts over his hacking defence claims.

Colin Cortbus’s expose of several UKIP councillors’ ‘racist rants’, including those posted under the account of Burgh and Wainfleet ward-holder Coun Chris Pain, featured in last weekend’s Sunday Mirror.

Coun Pain says his Facebook account had been hacked and denies referring to illegal immigrants as ‘free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ******’, as he is alleged to have posted.

He believes the posts were a ‘concerted’ and ‘malicious’ attack against him and his party, claiming to have been hacked at least four times in recent history.

However Mr Cortbus claims Coun Pain has a ‘prolific habit of xenophobic, racist and far-right posting’ which cannot be explained by hacking alone.

“Chris Pain’s claims of ‘hacking’ are extremely improbable,” he said.

“He has a prolific habit of xenophobic/racist/far-right posting, posting or sharing offensive content on multiple occasions.

“Hacking might explain a one off out-of-character post - it cannot really explain such an obsession with hate-posting.

“The idea that Mr Pain would not notice account hacking over years defies belief.

“I challenge him to produce IP address evidence of hacking, or evidence that he reported the hacking to police back then, as hacking is a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.”

The journalist has compiled a list of Coun Pain’s posts over several months, which he believes are xenophobic or racist.

Though many of them are less aggressive than the comments in which he is alleged to linked immigrants with terrorism or called them ‘ragheads’, Mr Cortbus still believes they are inappropriate for an elected official to be making.

UKIP’s head office was today continuing its investigation into the allegations, which the party confirmed it was taking ‘very seriously’.

Party spokesperson Gawain Towler said: “They are serious allegations and if proven true there is no way Chris Pain could remain a councillor with UKIP. However we don’t hang a man until he’s proven guilty and at the moment Chris is saying that his account was hacked.”

Anti-Fascist group Hope Not Hate immediately called on Coun Pain’s ejection from the party, claiming the posts were the ‘most disgusting racist outburst from any election official’ it had ever heard.

To view Mr Cortbus’s compilation of the alleged posts visit this website