Don’t lose your right to vote


The biggest change in electoral registration for 100 years comes into force today (Tuesday).

Previously one member of a household could register everyone who lived at that address and was eligible to vote. But under new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) everyone will be responsible for registering themselves.

Returning officer, Stuart Davy said: “The change means everyone over 18 has to take responsibility for their own vote. It is very important that from June 10 everyone registers themselves when required to do so. The new IER system will also be more secure and resistant to electoral fraud as it requires the person registering to give their date of birth and National Insurance number.”

Most people who are currently registered to vote will be registered automatically under the new system. There is no need to do anything unless they move home when they will need to register at their new address under the IER system.

There will be a small number of people on the current electoral register who cannot be automatically registered under the new system – these will be contacted with details of how to register under the new system.

The new system will also allow for more convenient methods of registration online, by phone and in person. Anyone wanting register to vote by post or proxy will have to apply under IER.

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