Demand for town to get share of millions raised from rents

DEMANDS that Skegness receives a greater share of the ‘millions’ raised by business rents and car parking in the town have been made by the Labour party’s local branch chairman.

Brenda Futers spoke in the public session of a recent Skegness Town Council meeting to ask for East Lindsey District Council to reinvest more of the money it generates from Skegness to create jobs and affordable housing.

She said: “How about we get some of the money back and some of the power back?

“How about we stand up for what is ours instead of bowing to the council?

“East Lindsey looks at us as a fat cash cow but unless someone does something about our economy the milk will dry up.”

Mrs Futers’ speech was greeted by rapturous applause from members of the public present.

Conservative councillor Mark Smith, however, accused the Labour party of ‘making a disgrace of the public session’ with repeated statements of a political nature.

“It’s all very well making political statements but it’s not helping - the town council should be nonpolitical,” he said.

Coun Smith also countered Mrs Futers’ claims with several examples of substantial investment in the town including the redevelopment of Barrat Court as an extra care facility and the county council’s approval of a new primary school in the town.

Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson felt it was difficult to secure council investment in Skegness with there being so many county and district councillors, the vast majority of whom represented wards outside the town

“It’s extremely hard when everyone is fighting for their corner but we need to come together to fight for Skegness,” he said.