Defection sparks Facebook row

A HEATED debate followed last week’s announcement that a Skegness councillor was defecting from the Conservative party to UKIP.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke’s claims he had been ‘bullied’ by the party locally and ‘let down’ on a national level provoked widespread discussion on the Skegness Skegness Facebook group.

Coun Hunter Clarke substantiated his claims of bullying by posting emails from former colleagues which he felt were ‘abusive’ and ‘demanding.’

He wrote: “As I have constantly said these members have always had a problem with my age right from the beginning and feel that they can talk down to me due to that fact.”

Although many of those reading the emails conceded the tone was ‘arrogant’, opinion was divided as to whether it would constitute bullying. During the ensuing debate in which a staggering 578 posts were made, Labour and Conservative councillors accused each other of impropriety, while many local voters expressed their own concerns at both side’s behaviour.

“What bickering fools some of our councillors are,” wrote Gina Foster.