Council’s vision is laid out

EAST Lindsey District Council has set out its vision and plans to create a “healthy, prosperous and vibrant” area in its new corporate strategy.

The council says it aims to try and address community priorities into the future.

The document’s outline will be followed by a detailed delivery plan setting out exactly how the council aims to achieve this vision.

District council leader councillor Doreen Stephenson said :”We’ve done a lot of good work to improve the quality of life in East Lindsey during the last five years and I am delighted that the council has now agreed a vision for the future.”

The strategy will focus on the areas of enabling and supporting people to be involved in their communities while improving equality and life chances, shaping places which will adapt to concerns about climate change and developing and nurturing the characters of the district’s towns, villages and rural areas, and build prosperity by creating new business sectors by growing the economy and building on the area’s strengths.

“We are an ambitious organisation and we’re ambitious for the people we serve,” Cllr Stephenson said.

“Although we know our finances are going to be extremely tight in the future we will continue to focus on the priorities identified by local people in our new strategy and work hard to deliver them.”

In addition to the strategic priorities, the document sets out a series of commitments the council will work towards achieving.